Sunday, August 20, 2006

a 20-hour non-stop drive because...

i'm a crazy whore. my eldest sister just found out she's PCSing to Wright-Patterson, OH, which is the city of Dayton for all you non-militants. i'll be visiting with her and the family on my return drive from north dakota, only i'm going to make the drive in one day. there is a good reason for this -- i hate hotels with a passion, and i feel the further away from minot i can get, the better...

but sweet jesus. the longest i've ever driven non-stop was back in '99. i drove from western missouri to northwestern ohio. because i was a moron and didn't use a map, i ended up on some two-lane state highway for the third leg of my trip. i was on the road for nearly 16 hours...and that sucked.

school starts tomorrow. i've already managed to possibly misplace my history book. i am pretty sure i received the book in the mail, but i can't find the fucker for the life of me. i have looked everywhere. everywhere. i've even audited my receipts in outlook, and the tracking on ebay is so fucking generic i can't tell what the status is. so. great. i get to maybe buy a new book. as for the lit class, i have all the books i ordered, and i'm not the least bit excited about reading them. i love to read, i just hate assigned reading. this is the second lit class i've taken since i've been enrolled at any school. the first one was masterpieces, which was cool 'cause my teacher was cool. that class is also the reason i have a 3.9 and not a 4.0 gpa. i mean, it's totally my fault, of course, but we had a family drama and i took some emergency leave.

the teacher was cool enough to call and remind me about the missing assignment, but i told him just to figure my grade sans paper. he even offered to extend the due-date, but i assured him circumstances or no, i still would not have accomplished the paper. and he even said, "that's okay, don't worry about it. you can turn it in when you make it back to missouri." and i still told him, "that's okay, but thanks for the offer." so. yeah. i just didn't want to do the paper. i hate writing things of an expository nature. the though of putting together a research paper turns my brain to mush.

i reckon i ought to set-up my on-line account for that class, that way i can pour over the curriculum and see how many cheesy papers will be required. i hate papers. and then i may decide to drop the class, but i doubt it. i'm not too worried about the history class, strangely enough. i reckon it'll be alot like the 5 other history classes i've taken -- lots of notes, lots of listening, and lots of multiple choice. well, i can hope, can't i?