Friday, August 18, 2006

la la la la life goes on

i didn't get burned and i don't have the hiv. thank god. and i know i was a pathetic douche last night between IMing crystall and jeff. i'm such a neurotic retard when faced with the unknown, and it's all because i have an obnoxiously vivid imagination.

a close girlfriend of mine, who i have not seen for nearly 3 years, wants me to come visit this fall. it'll be a reunion of sorts because a close mutual friend of ours lives a few hours away. the only dilemma is my friend isn't the best of housekeepers (i'm a neat freak), her house always smells like stinky dog, and her husband sometimes gives me the heebs. well, it's been awhile so maybe he's cool now, but i dunno. i want to go, but i can't afford a hotel-stay (i'm saving up for the terminal leave fund when i go visit my parents and my espana sequel with the divine miss em), and i can't tell her all that jazz 'cause she's my friend. but. good gravy. plus, if i go down there i will get suckered into visiting my real dad, whom i have effectively avoided since '97, which is wrong because he's not a bad guy. i mean, he's all right. the only issue we have with eachother is he gets upset when i refer to my step-dad as my dad. i am an asshole to say these things, i know. and my friend is a great person, and i'd love to see her...and i should be so lucky to have my real dad, even if he is more like an uncle.

so. yeah. in other words, i'll be staying here for thanksgiving.

other than that, not much going on. dave (as in korea and germany dave) emailed me today. it's always good to hear from old friends. i hadn't heard from him since shortly after he left germany. also, i got to see new pictures of my nephew, world's cutest little boy. he's just too cute, and he looks like he's gonna be a quarterback one day. and i got a chance to catch up with the divine miss em, who is currently on leave in the states. we chatted on msn today and just flung the usual bullshit back and forth.

we were talking about kids. miss em is having baby thoughts, as am i. obviously, that's not gonna happen tomorrow or the next day, but what a gradual epiphany. i can't wait to grow some roots after my separation. i'm really leaning towards buying a house once i settle in south jersey, but i'll have to weigh the pros and cons as time draws nearer still. it's comforting confiding in somebody in the same boat and stage in life who can relate to my thoughts about settling down. i mean, i'm all partied out. it was fun, but i'm not into the binge-drinking scene anymore. once i finish school in '09, i definitely want to see about putting my baby-maker to use. i'll be 30 then. i reckon that's a fine age for entertaining thoughts of one day having a family.

so that's about it. school starts on monday; european history in the middle ages, and modern lit. i'm pretty excited. it's been almost a year since my last enrollment. taking classes is free, plu it helps to pass the idle time. if i stay busy it's hard to feel poorly about this place. well, i'm gonna grab some zzzzzzz. night ya'all.