Thursday, August 10, 2006

blast from the past...

guess who emailed me back? no, not *****. actually, my ex-husband. i had to suck up my pride and email him regarding my enlistment paperwork (see post from yesterday for details) since he absorbed most of our personal files following the divorce. i was shocked to get a very candid, good-natured response. not because he isn't a candid, good-natured person; quite the contrary! after the finalization of our divorce four years ago, he expressed a keen interest in not keeping up with one another's life. i willingly, yet balefully obliged.

naturally i was pleasantly surprised by his response to my initial request. it's good to know he's doing so well. i've always had a lot of respect for this guy -- he ranks second after my dad. he comes from excessively humble beginnings and has worked his ass off since he was about 9 or 10. he's one of those guys that everybody loves to love. i know we all tend to think of poverty as shopping at k-mart and wearing knock-off keds, but his upbringing was one of abject poverty. i'm not sure if his mom could even afford shopping at goodwill being the single mother of 3 children while taking in under-the-table jobs as a seamstress in their rural farming community. anyway, he's just an all around, grounded, great person. he's since remarried a girl from "back home" and is finishing up his tour in korea. it is nice to see good things happen, but it's even better when those good things happen to deserving people.

with this occassion following fast on the heels of my less than healthy relationship with *****, i am thoroughly reminded there are some really good guys out there, as well as acknowledging not every relationship is meant to work despite the good intentions of those involved.

i wanted to share with ya'all something that makes me feel good since i've been so gloom and doom lately.