Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a fish out of water

that's exactly what i feel right now. bummed? yes. dejected? yes. ill at ease? very...

and i can't call home and cry to my daddy because verizon forgot to activate my international calling plan. okay, so waaaaaaagh. there. next subject: i found a duplex. it's gonna run me about $585 per month, which i feel is very astronomical given the shape of the property, and the interior decor, aside from which it's clean. apparently, the hometown proud citizens of this town like to hike up rent prices like ya wouldn't believe. although this isn't terribly uncommon given the military community down the road, it's not like i can commute. the next ANYTHING is over a hundred miles away. wowza.

i move in friday morning, do the walk-through inspection, and sit and wait. and wait. and wait for my household goods. i reckon i'm gonna paint and figure out some kind of fix for the hideous kitchen appliances -- we're talking puke green fridge, neon orange counter-tops, and cockroach brown cabinets. i'm gonna slap some sunny yellow paint on the cabinets, cover the counters with some variation of contact paper, and i still have figured out what to do with the fridge. eeeeeeeeeuuuuuwwwww.

other than that, not much else going on. i joined a gym to perk up my self esteem a little bit. it'll keep me from languishing in my hotel room feeling too sorry for myself. okay.....time to watch real world.