Monday, July 17, 2006

look ma, thems thar injuns

i was bored, very restless, and noticeably bummed for obvious reasons. instead of languishing in my room, i got in my car and drove to the far western part of the state. here i got my first taste of an indian reservation, in which i had never stepped foot, via the lewis and clark trail and scenic byway. of course, i didn't note any difference from any other rural country town aside from the colorful names of businesses, streets, towns, and historical sites.

after exiting the reservation, i continued northwest on a very rural, one-lane county highway comprised some parts gravel and some parts red clay (i think). my destination? national missouri grasslands. beautiful. i took tons and tons of pictures. the landscape was completely unfettered by modern marvels and the wind whipping accross the prairie grass was breathtaking, but i quickly departed the grasslands after passing several of these signs: "approaching burried poisonous gases pipes" - i was so not cool with that so i made a beeline for civilization, or the meaning of civilization to which one becomes accustomed in so sparsely populated a region.

here i am, back in my new hotel room. yep, here i am with my boots polished and uniform pressed for my first day of work tomorrow.

and now it's time for a jog...