Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a therapeutic rant: for your reading pleasure

it's been about, oh, a little less than a week since i've heard from vinny. i guess that makes him my ex-boyfriend? i mean, i'd know for sure what that makes him if he would respond to the couple of text messages i've sent him in the past 4 days. which he has only once. he called me. and when i promptly returned his call, he told me he had his good friend, kirk, on the other line.

the retarded-ass optimistic part of me that i tried killing (futile!) is quick to assume he has experienced some kind of family emergency - doubtful. then i think, if not for urgent family issues, perhaps he needs space. and lots of it. forever. or, and probably more likely, i have managed to piss him off once again. hmmmmmmm.

so...yeah. i feel like i could use some closure. i reckoned i was a little optimistic my first week out-of-country when he and i traded-off calling the other on a daily basis brandishing my thoughts with certain possibilities. and then - BAM! all of a sudden on friday, he wasn't up to talking. and friday turned into saturday, which quickly rolled into sunday and then monday dawned.

if you haven't picked up the daily paper, it's now wednesday evening. whatever happend to a guy letting a girl down easy?

one things for sure, my sex drive is shot. and that's definitely a good thing...

so, i just got done with the first leg of my near-transcontinental journey. i left philly (well, the outskirts of south jersey anyway) this morning at 6 and made it to the ohio-indianna border for an overnighter. i hate hotels. the best hotel i could find (on-line) is the holiday inn, which isn't so bad compared to the other usual suspects: motel 8, econolodge, comfort inn, etc. but it's still a hotel, and as such, i hate it.

tomorrow's drive (the second day of three) will take me through indiana, illinois, wisconsin, and minnesota, where i will be forced to accustom my southern ears to that nasaly-pitched whine they call an accent. god, the thought of it makes me nauseous. eeuuww.

time to go dig up some grub. hopefully, i'll muster up some kind of appetite...