Tuesday, June 06, 2006

eye fucked up

big time. i have unpleasant blistering on my face status post sun exposure (read: massive fucking sunburn). luckily for me, the blisters, which were pale pustules yesterday, have now crusted over. i should be recovered in no time flat.

and flat would be a relished condition at this moment since the right side of my face has ballooned like, well, a balloon.

yes. i am now misshapen and disfigured. since the majority of the tissue was swelling my eye shut, i figured i had some very exotic form of conjunctivitis. i noticed the puffiness about 2 days ago, and i took some benadryl for it last night. i woke up this morning with both a round and almond shaped eye. not the most attractive of contrasts, i assure you. i went to the doc, and she told me the swelling stems from less of a disease and more from the intense sunburn. she even remarked, "wow, one side of your face is redder than the other." she advised me on at-home treatment after i declined her prednisone offer -- no fucking way am i gonna chomp on some 'roids. aside from cool compresses, motrin, and lots of rest a la sitting-up (and, admittedly, finishing off the first season of "house"), my day has been a suck-fest.

i hope this swelling subsides before my sister's graduation ceremony this friday afternoon. otherwise, she's going to be referred to as the kid with a relative suffering from elephantitis of the face.