Monday, June 05, 2006

the rain in spain falls mainly in belgium, germany, and the netherlands...

here is a brief synopsis of the weekend bygone:

1) the spaniards are really friendly

2) suffering from a drought--hot guy drought

3) food and drink is relatively cheap

4) the weather was flawless

5) we had a great ocean vista from the hotel

6) we drank non-stop

7) topless beach = no fucking tan lines

8) the calimari was off the hook

9) spanish men are very forward

10) the vendors drag you into their shops

on the return flight this morning, the pilot included a weather forecast as part of his take-off commentary, and i quote: "the weather is gorgeous all accross europe."

he lied through his crooked irish teeth about belgium, germany, and the netherlands; the shitty weather trio was covered in thick, impenetrable blankets of clouds. and it was cold as fuck once we deplaned in dusseldorf, but i'm willing to forgive the pilot his transgression seeing as he didn't turn the aircraft into a weapon and transport us to a fiery grave (i hate flying, remember?).

i also realized why the fucking germans seem to be in a perpetual state of unfriendly -- i too would be pissed off at the world if my nation never entertained a sunny day. i think it also has something to do with oompah loompah music...