Monday, May 29, 2006

sharon stone should be stoned...

because her vaunted ideals, obviously perpetuated by a litany of yes-men, have propelled her to make this ignorant and presumptuous statement: she "...would kiss just about anybody" would that the fighting between the israelites and arabs come to a halt.

unfortunately for the country she represents, stone did not make this comment in jest -- no, quite the contrary. she has rendered a serious, sincere offer to kiss the middle east into a state of oblivion. maybe i'm too skeptical. she did suck a mean dick in "basic instinct" and she rubbed one out in "sliver", but seriously, sharon, are your accomplishments so titanic you can seal a war-torn land with a kiss?

her plan for peace is disturbing in the most fundamental of ways; not the kind of statement one expects to hear from a woman reknown the world over for her 3-digit IQ, nor that of a u-penn alumni. maybe she missed a world history class or two or three, but depth is of little or no consequence, and, as such, is neither here nor there, when considering the means of a nation.

i say have fun kissing generations of arabs who abhor, fight, and distrust the very thing from which your star was risen: sex and movies. in fact, maybe these trivial peoples with their trivial millenia-old customs and their equally trivial cultural rifts will succumb to your irresistable charm in the span of 5 days. if that's the case, mother teresa has nothing on you.

besides, anything is possible when you're marie antoinette.