Tuesday, March 14, 2006

...and in this corner....

my weekend was a litany of arguments directed to or from *****. i hate arguing with him, because it makes my stomach feel fucked up, which makes me feel fucked up. and then i can't sleep at all. the beatdown began friday night after meeting some friends for supper. he was in a rare party mood, and wanted to head downtown for a few drinks. me? yeah...i was in a rare leave me the fuck alone bitchy girl bitch mood following a week-long UCI, an extraordinary endless friday spent at work eating my lunch in front of the keyboard. i should have bailed out when i got a chance, and headed to bed. but no......no no no. instead i agreed to have a few drinks at the next town over.

half a guiness later, i started falling asleep at the bar. i volunteered to get a cab home so as not to impede on *****'* night out, but he was insistent that i stay with him to keep him from being by himself. finally, i think my tiredness became so evident that it was irrefutable, because he caved and said we could head out. leave it to me to act like an ass in the centrum, though. but it's only because i was fucking frustrated. i made a comment about my eye, which had been bothering me all day long, and he simply refused to account for what i had said. i hate it when he does that, and strangely enough, he does it all the time. well, that incident didn't end well. in fact, it ended with him pulling alongside the curb of my house. i knew better than to talk. just got out of the car, and closed the door behind me.

but my stupid ass stomach felt so fucked up, that after an hour or so, i called him and we talked about it. the next day, during our trip to belgium to visit zeph only brought more of the same. he finally loosened up in mons when we met zeph for dinner. the evening was a pretty good time, but we left fairly early for bed. and the next day was completely awesome. as we were getting ready for check-out, ***** looked through the window and said, "hey, isn't that your friend over there?" sure enough, zeph was standing outside waiting for some hideous variation of public transit.

"we should ask him if he wants to go to lunch with us."

"yeah, sure....." open comes the window and we both coordinate lunch plans with zeph after snagging his attention.

lunch was a nice affair, although i was a bit hungover. as the meal was concluding, zeph mentioned he had to get going to meet his train to the brussels' airport, at which point ***** said, "hey, man, don't take the train. i'll drive you out there."

sometimes he just knocks my fucking socks off when he does shit like that. i was like...wow. what a thoughtful fucking gesture. we all piled into the car, headed for the airport, and enjoyed a few cappucinos upon arrival. and then zeph left.

the ride back home was uneventful. we went for kebabs, watched one of my favorite movies (malena; italian flick), and went to bed. i mean, of course we fornicated. and stuff......

and this evening past, i stayed home to accomplish some much needed housekeeping. not since i've been seeing ***** have i ever lived so slovenly. i cleaned a good majority, but was unable to scrub the bathrooms and fold the laundry, but only by virtue of staying unbelievably late at work. also, i spent some time on the phone with *****, and then my dad called shortly thereafter (it's his birthday). my fucking phone was grand central station...

anyway, i'm trying to get everything squared away because i think i'm going skiing tonight (not sure if i want to right now), but i'm also leaving for k-town directly after work wednesday since i have thursday and friday off. i've made plans to cut/dye/highlight my hair (it's been about 6 or so months), and i also scheduled a full body/foot massage, and an 1.5h facial. i head home mid-day friday, and i'm making ***** a dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, corn bread, sweet tea, and cobbler. i am super excited because he's convinced i can't cook, which isn't far from the truth, but it's mostly because i never cook, and when i do i just throw shit together. i'm super excited for friday.

well, i'm heading to bed now.