Thursday, March 09, 2006

remember me?

hey there, remember me? the person who used to blog on a weekly basis?? yeah, well i've been busy...

and i forgot to pay my telephone bill, which is never good for the internet access.

at any rate, i have been busy. if you haven't guessed it by now, i've been spending an awful lot of time with *****. actually, a sickening amount of time, but i would be lying if i said i didn't enjoy every second of it. he took me skiing at the world's largest indoor ski center. it was only my second time, and it was a very enjoyable experience. i also had an epiphany that night, and subsequently decided to leave behind a little emotional baggage.

the moments leading up to the miniature ski trip, i was really anxious and more than just a little nervous. reason is ugly took me skiing 3 or so years ago. ugly, the champion skiier (did i spell that correctly?), took me skiing, and he got so frustrated with my ineptitude, that he left me on the bunny slope. long story short, i spent two hours trying to ebb my way down the world's largest ant hill, and finally threw ambition to the wind, popped my skiis off, and headed to the lodge to keep the bar from falling over. that, ladies and gentlemen, was my first and only ski experience until last tuesday. while i was out on the bunny slope, i was saddled with ugly's commentary on all the hot snow bunnies who, unlike me, possessed the physical prowess of olympic athletes. this made me realize that my entire relationship with ugly was simply a convenience, a stretch in time where he would ultimately find something better flying past him on a more advanced slope. what is amazing is the 3+ years it took me to come to this realization. also, after repeatedly bringing up my first experience with skiing, ***** said, "that wasn't me, so don't hold me accountable." well, in so many words...i had a great time on tuesday, and i think i'm going to head out every tuesday (ladies night, apparently) so i might improve my beginner status. who knows??

other than hanging out with *****, there isn't much going on. we spent $180 at the kobe steakhouse two weekends ago. it was fucking awesome...he has me on this sushi kick. we also spent that entire weekend at his and his roommate's place in maastricht. it was great. i had the best time ever!! we stayed in bed until 1 or 2 p.m., talked, drank, ate sushi two nights in a row, went to the wine bar, which isn't typically my style, but it's so mellow, has an impeccable decor, and it gives good ambience. i would have to say it will be one of my favorite memories...

and nothing else is going on. i have a little less than 4 months before i move, which i'm not looking forward to. one of my girlfriends is PCSing to minot this month, so it will be great to know somebody when i get there, and i have a good friend at malmstrom. other than that, i'll be at minot for 10 months before i separate, and i just want to get it done and over with. i even have a hard time imagining what my life will be like out there, which is unusual because i'm pretty good at visualizing shit like that. maybe in due time?

until then, i'm going to enjoy the time i have in germany to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.