Monday, January 23, 2006

i like a boy a lot

so, it's been a while since i updated the site. i'm still seeing ***** and i like him. a lot. the more i spend time with him, the more i like him. we had the most amazing sex last night on his couch. we were curled up watching "valiant" and then we started fooling around. so, here we are on his couch, me on top, watching this disney cartoon, talking and carrying on, all the while having sex. it was great. i had a fantastic orgasm. and then i had to head home.

oh, and before that, he made me dinner. ummmmm, it was so good. sauteed chicken, rice, and stuffed mushrooms. ooh la la.

anyway, i'm going to top off this short-winded post with some photos from the weekend past (i went to spangdahlem on saturday to visit with nick, dave, and shaun). i got hit on all night long (not bragging, just stating a fact), but i'm not interested in seeing anybody except *****. i'm sure the feeling is mutual.

never mind. i can't remember how to add pictures. fuck!

night ya'all.