Monday, January 16, 2006

the dark of nyquil

i have a dry hacking cough. yay, me! hence the title of this post. it seems, every 3-4 weeks, my dry cough shows itself, hangs out for a week or two, and then hibernates for another short while. sick? no. it's a dry, hacking cough, and that's all, folks. at any rate, it's nothing a little nyquil can't help, but i hate nyquil. in fact, i hate robitussin. and dimetapp. and just about all cough syrups. i hate 'em all...

yesterday was great. i slept in until 9-10 a.m., got up, drank two tall glasses of frothy, cool orange juice, did some housework, received a call from thumbelina, called miss chris to relay the plans of the evening to come, showered for about, oh, 45 minutes (i was singing at the top of my lungs in the shower), rushed through the get-ready procedures, picked up miss chris, raced to the theatre, watched jarhead (fucking fantastic movie), and then met t and thumbelina for dinner at the local greek steakhouse. dinner was great -- ordered the fillet with madeira sauce. and i didn't dress up. i wore jeans, t-shirt, purple chucks, green hooded sweater, and yellow trench. i kept it very casual last night, which is not ordinary because i love that it's perfectly acceptable to get dressed to the nines for any occasion when in europe.

i got home from dropping off miss chris and, lo and behold, she called my cell phone. i call back only to receive great news -- our mutual friend, pretty girl, had a cesarean section and was now a new mommy, vital stats forthcoming. we made plans to go visit her in the hospital today (monday) after work, and i'm super duper excited. plus, i'm really grateful she had a c-section because i was afraid the baby would come out all wrinkledy and i wouldn't be able to tell if it's a baby or not. so, whew! lucked out with that!!

***** apparently called my phone, only i didn't recognize the number (it was his home phone; he almost always calls me on his cell). anyway, i had a strong feeling it was his number, and i recognized his voice immediately, so no harm, no foul. we talked for a little while and he told me about his evening out. he seemed to have a pretty good time and whatnot. while on the phone, it had gotten fairly late for a school night, and i said as much. i was winding the conversation down, and i said that i would call him after i got back from the erkelenz hospital monday (today), and he said, "oh, you didn't call me today."

"um, because i thought you were still doing your thing. i didn't want to interrupt, and i'd figure you'd call me when you were back anyway."

and then he picked on me for a few minutes because he likes getting a rise out of me, only i'm on to him and said as much a few seconds after he began picking on me. anyway, i like *****, and i'm super excited to see him again even though we spent friday evening and all day saturday together. he just doesn't bore me whatsoever.

okay...time to hop in the shower and take care of some bidnizz. ya'all take care...