Sunday, January 15, 2006

cure for insomnia

i hate it when i wake up at 3 a.m. (jet lag?), and, to busy myself, i search a reknown blog for interesting looking links of other bloggers. it's true, dick and jane, what mom and dad say about judging a book by its cover; nothing is more frustrating than finding a perfectly titled personal blog that has nothing but...

news stories posted. yay!! you can link the washington post to your blog -- i'm so delightfully enchanted. why peruse the perfectly mundane details of some stranger's day-to-day life when i can observe how cleverly they've posted the endangered species' listing from this month's national geographic instead? i guess the hottest craze to hit the blogstand is propigating the news on a website that is meant to showcase your daily goings-on.

holy fuck, people!! if i wanted to know about jessica's divorce, or a cure for cancer, or bush's newest take on foreign policy; if i so much as wanted to waste my fucking time by sampling the latest and greatest yellow bellied journalism has to offer...i'd do something really fucking novel, like buy a wallstreet journal.

all these boring, undercover current events seminars have made me sleepy. very. sleepy. indeed.