Saturday, January 14, 2006

9 p.m. and all tuckered out

it's 9 p.m. and i'm all tuckered out. on a saturday night. hath hell frozen over?

***** got back from his TDY yesterday. he came by later in the evening, we talked for a little while, and then it was naked time, kids. anyway, we (as nick is wont to put things) "boned" all night long and into the wee hours of the morning. and then we woke up again this morning and resumed the activities of the night prior. finally, we stopped at about 3 or 4 p.m.

showered and all that jazz, and headed out to an italian restaurant for some eats. damn, i was so hungry and thirsty it wasn't even funny. anyway, he dropped me off a few minutes ago, and i'm fucking exhausted now. which is good, seeing as i need to go to bed at a decent hour so i can wake up at a decent hour so i can clean my very not tidy house tomorrow.

in the meantime, i'm sore as fuck. i think i'll have to abstain from sex for a couple of days.

okay. i'm tired now. nighty night.