Tuesday, January 10, 2006

better late than never.

yesterday wasn't a terribly bad day. quite the contrary. i returned to my office after a week-long vacation, yet there was only a minimal amount of make-up work to accomplish. i reckon nothing really happened today. nothing worth mentioning.

i did end up dropping my 2 on-line classes, which was a total bummer. in case you all haven't noticed, it's been a stretch since i last posted, and that's because the people running deutsch telekom (DT) are fucking idiots. they cut my internet off without any warning. oh, and it turns out that nearly 600 of my euros (roughly $670 USD) is floating around unaccounted for. DT refused to tell me over the phone where my money has been going. yay me. not.

in the meantime, i'm now with TKS. for those of you that don't know about TKS, it's a thousand kazzillion times better than DT. granted, TKS has a partnership of some sort with DT, but the accounts never overlap. also, TKS employs people who are willing to speak english despite the fact that you're living in their imperial country. yay me.

i digress. so, i finally dropped my 2 on-line classes. i have missed close to 9-10 weeks of class. i'm bummed about it, because one of my instructors was super great and the class was a good time, but there's no way i can catch up at this point. i'll have to enroll in the class at a later time.

ah. so probably you might be wondering what i've been up to lately. here's a list:

1. still seeing ***** despite my multi-normous attempts to sabotage our "relationship". i don't know why i do this, i only know that i do it. i do know that it's easy for me to think negatively, or at least focus on the negative, because i'm due to leave in a handful of months, and it pains me that i like this guy already, and it pains me more that i could learn to like him even more than i already do. i'm retarded. i know.

2. went to colorado to visit dani-rae. it was kind of a different experience. i'm really standing back to take a look at my life. let's just say, my priorities have changed a great deal in the past year, and they no longer revolve around the next big party. is this what growing up feels like? well....is it??

3. spending a lot of time with the folks in k-town. i mean, why not? i'll be back in the states before too long, so i may as well take advantage of this arrangement!

4. not partying with nick, dave, and shaun. dave, as previously mentioned nearly 6 months ago, has been on an extended "vacation" c/o the military. he just got back last week. there is a get-to-gether in the works in a couple of weeks. i'm super excited because i haven't seen these guys since july!!

5. i'm still planning on separating. you know, it's funny. when you're not hot for re-enlistment, most nobody in a leadership position knows who the hell you are, or pays you the least bit of attention. now that i've got about 17 months to spare before i separate, everybody and i mean everybody has come out of the wood work in an effort to take me under their wing. i certainly don't question the intent -- i feel most people have honorable intentions. what's that saying about the road to hell??

6. i find out my next assignment in about 30 days or so. i am playing russion roulette with my dream sheet. my returnee listing had nothing but whiteman, whiteman, and whiteman on it. newsflash -- i spent 5.5 years at whiteman when i first joined up, not to mention both my ex-husband and the infamous ugly are still there. NOT. GOING. BACK. EVER!!!! anyway, i figure anywhere from 15-20% of the folks at AFPC don't do their jobs: a) correctly, or b) at all. so, with that margin of error in mind, the returnee listing, or any kind of report produced by AFPC, is never 100% accurate. it's utterly impossible. it will be interesting to see how my logic pans out when February rolls around.

7. this is a shout-out to my boy, zephy, for lighting a fire under my ass. he called me last night and, aside from the shit we talked about, he asked me when i was planning on updating this site. so, i figured i'd surprise him.

8. man, i'm fucking tired.

9. new year's resolutions: no more coke (the soft drink), party less (i guess i'll have to drink screwdrivers when i party), pay off some more debt (i want to be debt free by the time i separate; i have my car loan and one last credit card to take care of), and save up a little money. and work on my degree some more.

10. p.s., i am joining the peace corps once i separate. provided i have earned my degree by that point in time. nobody believes me that i'm going to do this -- not even my own dad. that's not to say he doesn't believe in me, i think those closest to me take it as a joke. but i'm serious. i'm going to do it.

anyway. that's it. hope all is well with everybody else. and no, i'm not proofreading this. i'm way too fucking tired for that right now. also, it's time to get ready for work.

oh. p.s., i almost forgot...HAPPY NEW YEAR!