Monday, October 31, 2005

celebrity auctions and charity concerts: a vulgar display of hipocrisy

During my visit to my "other office" this afternoon, I got caught up reading an article in People magazine. In short, the article detailed the philanthropic heroics of very rich celebrities in light of the Tsunami disaster (a little late, I know).

I applaud Sandra Bullock. She donated 1.5 million to a charity organization, as did a couple of other celebrities, but it's those stars who decided to hold auctions and concerts as a means of raising money that sicken me to the core, which only serves to propel their images further into our pop-culture psyche.

C'mon, Jay Leno -- you mean to tell me that you can auction off a Harley Davidson, but you can't bleed the funds from your own piggy bank? Give me a fucking break.

So, basically, I got kind of pissed reading about all these famous A-listers doing good by raising money through benefit concerts and celebrity auctions, all the while encouraging us common folk to throw in some greenbacks. Basically, a bunch of people less wealthy than Jay Leno made his contribution for him. I guess he and other stars can't be bothered to lighten the load on their pocketbooks, yet they have no qualms encouraging the rest of Americans to "do the right thing."

Celebrity aside, as human beings it doesn't serve us well to think we deserve a pat on the back each time we pander to Hollywood. Whatever happened to doing something for a stranger because it is the right and noble thing to do?

Am I the only person that sees the fucking irony in this?