Saturday, October 29, 2005

honey bunny

in case you all haven't noticed, i've removed some of my posts. i did this because there was a little one-sided drama flare-up, and i felt that if the person was ever privy to this site, my posts would have added a lot of fuel to their fire.

so, i took them down to avoid any more drama.

anyway, now that all the unsavories are out of the way, i went to the local halloween party with tom and thumbelina last night. i ran into *****, which was super cool (i actually knew he was going to be there because we had been texting one another) and i bought him a drink. i also ran into a bunch of other people -- senor was there. i think senor has been reading this site, but he wouldn't admit to it. i ran into A, at which point he gave me a round-a-bout apology for his dramatic behavior. oh well, shit happens, and as long as it doesn't happen again, i'm okay.

so now i'm headed over to brookie's halloween party. i'm going to see ***** for a couple hours tonight, and then he has a party to go to in a nearby city. last night i was a bunny-eared cocktail waitress (oh, you think that's novel; how about smeagol and froto were there -- how about they kept staring at me. gross). tonight, i'm going to be a candy striper just like last year.

anyway, i'm really tired and i'm gonna catch some zzzzzzz's before i get ready.

bye, ya'all.