Monday, September 26, 2005

how much is that ball gown in the window?

one of my girlfriends talked me into attending a very formal event -- an event for which i don't have proper attire because i have never, in my adult life, needed to purchase a ball gown.

i'm so excited. i have less than a week until the ball kicks off, but i'm not too worried. i'll probably get my dress at the very last second, as is my fashion, no pun intended. since i have no experience with formal wear, i made the mistake of consulting zephy. here's what he recommended:

1) skin-tight with a plunging neckline.

2) sheer and white.

3) a floor-length skirt with a slit up to my belly button (easy access?).

and those three recommendations, however flattering they may be, are exactly why i shouldn't have asked him in the first place. i'm totally flabergasted -- i always thought zeph appreciated a subtle kind of sexy. the things you learn about your friends when you least expect it!!

here's what i have in mind:

1) a swingy skirt that is high waisted with a mid-calf hemline.

2) a fitted bodice.

3) either a scoop-neck or halter-style top.

oh, and of course a classy pair of heels. thanks, zeph, for er, brainstorming with me? other than making last minute plans (my favorite!), i spent the day at work trying to work, only it proved to be more difficult than i initially thought. it's terribly hard for me to concentrate on mondays -- i never sleep well sunday nights since i throw my schedule off during the weekend; also, i was still hungover, but not a headachey type hangover, just a complete lack of energy.

i managed to take care of some housework, but not as much as i'd ambitiously hoped for prior to leaving work this afternoon. an over-achiever, i know...

anyway, i'm really tired and i'm also not in the greatest of moods probably because i'm really tired......zeph, where are your sweet compliments when i need 'em most?