Tuesday, September 20, 2005

cable t.v.

my co-worker, whom i affectionately refer to as Fiddy Euros, came up to the window today and asked me to HBO -- "help a brutha out"; apparently, he wanted me to make some copies for him.

"DIY, do it yourself," i retorted, pointing a finger at the copy machine. Fiddy Euros is all right in my book so i have no qualms about hooking him up with a couple of copies, especially since his shop is one man deep indefinitely. yet i do like to fuck with him since he likes to dish it out; also, he's a cutey so that never hurts.

he made some tongue-in-cheek remark at my smart-ass retort; something about "oh, you know you really want me to take you to dinner" or some such. the bastard made me blush! i haven't blushed like a little school girl since i don't know when, but i blushed so bad i could feel my face getting hot. and then he had the blatant nerve to call me out in front of my entire office.

"look, i made you blush." this wouldn't have been so embarrassing if my entire office hadn't born witness to my severe lapse of flirtation, a fluke of nature -- i assure each and every one of you.

all i could muster was, "you're in-fucking-corrigible."

i think i just blushed again.

other than that, my day was pretty uneventful. i woke up at 12 a.m. this morning because my cell phone wasn't on the charger and the battery was about to die, therefore it was bleating like a sullied goat. i hate rude awakenings -- i almost threw the fucker out the window. also, i had a hangover, which doesn't suprise me cause wine gives me a hangover like the fucking dickens.

by the time i rolled out of bed at 5 a.m., my hangover was replaced by a nagging crook in my neck. and i never did make it to the bath tub. i got a couple sheets to the wind, ate some lasagna, read a couple of chapters from a novel, and it was lights out after that.

time to go now -- i havta clean my fridge.