Monday, September 19, 2005

bad hair day

toot-toot, mother fuckers! i passed my PT test. so other than having a really shit hair day, i have no grounds for complaint. since i've made good with uncle sam for the next 12 months, here are the little entitlements i have set aside for myself:

1) i am fucking going shopping at V&D on thursday; i'm buying an entire outfit, top to bottom so i can look amazingly cute for........

2) oktoberfest! yahtzeeeeeee, bitches! yahtzee! my town is having a huge fuck-the-tourists-in-munich celebration. suffice it to say, i will be greatly imbibed. i told sgt midgetti i would chill with him at oktoberfest. cab fare is going to cost me an arm and a god damned leg.

3) i'm taking a bath tonight. not a shower-bath, but a bona fide soak in the tub bath. the kind that is wont to give me a fit of apoplexy.

4) i'm drinking some wine tonight. after spending the past 3 weeks dryer than a missouri town of a sunday morning, i'm already buzzed. midgetti - can i get a shout-out for your girl, jenny kebab?

5) zephy-kins emailed me on friday: "where are your updates." ahhhhhhsheeeeeiiiiiiit, zephy, i was totally bummed that you had a down day today. you have no earthly idea how boring work was!! (hold up, i need another sip of wine). hey, tell sgt midgetti to shoot me an email, awite?

6) the IMP on guard at the shack today reminded me of ugly. i about swooned. every time i see this guy, i have ugly flashbacks. except this guy is hairy and spanish, the spanish part being a plus, but totally cancelled out by the built-in sweater flaw.

7) i bought lasagna. i was gonna get brotchen and salami and swiss cheese, but there were no more brotchen available for sale. fucking germans and their brotchen!

8) i flipped somebody off on the highway yesterday (i just remembered this and it made me very happy for myself -- hey, it was a fucking british dude).

9) i saw the smeagy-smeagster in the hallway while i was locking up, so i hid in the door frame. it didn't notice me. whew.

10) i think the lasagna is done cooking now. yay for me!

this isn't the most quality post, but i love passing my PT test more than i love chugging german wine, and that says a lot (i'm making up for missing the bad-durkheim wine festival this past weekend).

ya'all take care :o)