Friday, September 16, 2005

wrong side of the bed

i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. i had to get up early so i could pick up greg and get the beater transferred under his name.

as luck would have it, i was in the shittiest of shitty moods, as i always am at 7 a.m. without a cup of steaming hot coffee, and operating on 3 hours of sleep.

first, i asked a girl in the registration office where i needed to go to for an inspection. instead of directing me behind the building, she sent me over to the commissary. i got really pissed.

then, i asked a random at the recycling center where the inspection office was located. he was willing to help, but unsure of where to direct me.

finally, i drove back to the registration office and asked the guy to give me some directions. his directions were perfect.

i got to the inspection office, but had to wait. finally, the guy gestured for me to enter the garage and then he started yelling at me because apparently i wasn't supposed to pull in all the way. that did little to improve my already sour mood. he sent me to the other side of the building to get a required form.

apparently, he sent me to the wrong office. the guy in the office, luckily he was as good natured as he was good looking, walked me back down to the garage, the very same place i had just left, and to the very same guy who had just reprimanded me, for the very same form that i was missing.

i was even more pissed. to add insult to injury, the jerk said, "it will not pass anyway. you're missing a grill and it has to be replaced."

i was super pissed at that point. i got back in the car, dropped my baby sister off at school, wasn't paying attention to the "limited access" road signs so i got slightly re-routed by the cop on patrol.

finally, i got greg back to billeting, gave him the reigns, and i got back in my car and went home. i slept for 4 wonderful, blissful, and toasty hours.

and then it was get-up'n-go all over again, only this time i had to go to the medical center to visit a family member at the hospital (that's why i had to drop off and pick-up my baby sister today).

i hate hospitals. really, i hate 'em. i can't stand the smell. i can't stand the intolerable chaos of trying to find out which direction i need to go in. and i can't stand watching a tech dawdle and bumble over the maintenance of a phlebotomy site. the smell of hospital food also does little to qualm my distaste.

my dad kept asking me if i wanted to sit down. "no, no, i'd rather not." as it happens, i also can't stand hospital chairs. it's like the acquisitions' department goes out of their way to find the most god awful seating possible.

i finally left the miserable place and now i'm back at home. it's been really cold and rainy (typical german summer), and i was soaking wet, so i took a hot shower and now i am beat beat beat. i just want to pile on 3 or 4 blankets, close my eyes, and take a nap.