Sunday, September 11, 2005

T and A and the Lady in Red

yesterday evening, while waiting in a 15-ft line to order pizza, i looked over and saw A standing in line at BK. i hadn't seen him in a month or two (since the last local party), and it was perfect timing since i had been invited to a party for that same evening, yet i didn't have the directions. i scored the directions off of him and there you have it.

showed up at the party - it was pretty cool. it was one of those themed get-ups (funky hat party), but i don't like wearing things on my head so i didn't dress according to the theme. anyway, it was kinda-sorta a different crowd; there were some people i had partied with before, and the others i had never ever seen. i ran into A, and L and her husband P. L and P were busy holding a partygoer's baby and doing the baby talk thing, so i chilled with A over by the window sill, which didn't hurt my feelings any since he's pretty cool and fun to look at.

anyway, there was this fat dependent wife, whom we'll heretoforth refer to as the Lady in Red because of the red tent for a shirt she was wearing. The Lady in Red was standing next to the window as i relayed the details of never having changed a light bulb in my life to A, who was standing to my right. never mind the fact that i wasn't talking to her, but she had to throw in her 2 fat-girl cents: "oh my god, how old are you?" as if chaning a light bulb is a mark of maturity or genius. wow. i wanted to ask her if she'd ever been on a treadmill or a stationary bike, but i thought better of it. fuck, i didn't want her sitting on me or anything.

a few minutes later, T showed up. i hadn't seen T since the Wittlich Pig Fest that i Naughty and i went to, so that was pretty cool. he gave me a hard time for not calling him (he was TDY down at spang) while i was out in that direction, but he let it slide. i asked him how Gen was doing (gen, a mutual acquaintance, who fucked a lot of stuff up, apparently, before shipping back to canada). gen, who tried to fuck my buddy, dave in T's bedroom, even though T explicitly forbade her and anyone else to fuck at his house (this was at gen's going away party). i didn't mind gen - she is just a funloving, single, and typical 22-year old girl: she likes sex, she likes alcohol, and she celebrates the combination of both. how....unusual? not so much.

T ended up leaving pretty early, so i mostly hung out with A and L (P, her husband, was over at the bar). it was really weird being sober around these guys - i think that was the first time they have ever seen me sober, with exception to work of course. eventually, i made my way behind the bar and began serving drinks.

only, i'm not so good at bartending. i'm great at the flirting portion, but not so much the serving drinks. we all got caught up on the subject of my vices -- they wanted to know what kind of debaucheries i cater to. i told them to be specific or to ask a more specific question. not a one of them, between 8 or so people (we were bare bones at this point), would narrow down the question. anyway, i pulled the old one-two partying is my blanket vice since that one word alone can encompass lots and lots of mini-vices.

anyway, 3 a.m. rolled around and it was time to load A and L into my car (we'd since taken P home a few hours earlier) and off to home we went.

i'm glad i got to party last night, even if it was creepy not drinking, but then again i'm not incapacitated this morning.

i have to go do some chores now because we are going to have the sequel this evening...

p.s. - i got the lights