Monday, September 05, 2005

procrastination vacation

this evening, i conned my dad into making me a grilled cheese sandwich. seriously, you don't understand -- he makes the best grilled cheese ever. he should patent those little fuckers.

now that my arteries are sufficiently hardened, here's a little bit about my day i thought i might share:

1) i went shopping at H&M (primarily, for my baby sister).

2) i almost killed myself at H&M (primarily, because of my baby sister). she had a monumental mood swing because my mom, albeit gently, told her something she wanted to buy was too tight. i insisted that she could make a long black coat out of a big black glad bag. she didn't like that.

3) i almost tucked and rolled from the car. my mom got this bright idea to run to the bx during a bona fide sale. i'd rather eat a boxful of laxatives 5 miles away from the nearest toilet. instead, i insisted that she drop me off at home first. she didn't like that, but she finally caved.

4) i received an email from this choad in my class. basically, he's trying to stage a full swing christian revival, as well as encourage everybody to get rolling with the last group project. i was tempted to delete the email without reading it, but i thought maybe he would have an enlightening message to spread. that's what i get for thinking.

5) flashback to 1 and 2; i saw this cunt that was stationed in korea with me. honestly, i would have stopped to say hi, but i couldn't subject myself to her tangly whitesnake hair and vapid personality. really. i. couldn't. so, i just ignored her instead. trust me, i had to watch this bitch cry in every alley after every insult she ever shouldered from every guy she stalked after having fucked them. for twelve months. every time i turned around, candace was leaving a bar and crying about a different boy. this bitch has more drama than the season finale of dallas, and less class than lil kim.

6) before i went to H&M, i had a nice cold corona. i never drink corona, but it sure went down smooth...

7) i tried calling greg about the dealings with the beater -- greg, check your voicemail; you have to get insurance set up before USAREUR will transfer the vehicle.

8) i bought new pajamas at H&M and they are cuuuuuuuuute. they are in the wash right now.

9) i read the new article for the classroom conference -- it sounds very dull. i'm sure the god squad will find some way to make this a religious issue.

10) tomorrow is my last day of vacay....waaaaaghghgghghghghghghghggghghghg.

p.s. -- waghghghghghghgghghghghghgghghghgg.

time to go throw the wash into the dryer. bye, ya'all!