Tuesday, August 30, 2005

dear tom: is it okay to have a poo patrol?

hey guys - how's it going? not too shabby here; work was long and arduous. i start vacay on thursday, so i'll get about 6 or 7 days off. i'm so excited. i'll be partying it up with mr. serious, which means if he's reading this he needs to hit one of his new co-worker's up for the message with my number in it, otherwise there will be no k-town and there will be no party.

anyway, i'm beat. below is a post i made to tom. i wonder what kind of output he'll be able to share.

night, ya'all!

hey tom, is it too much to ask that your co-workers exercise a little bathroom etiquette every now and again? (i concede, this is more of a rhetorical question than an actual quiz.)

case in point, i reported to the bathroom 9 a.m. sharp to perform my morning ablutions, status post coffee consumption, over a quick gander of Newsweek, which is the only time i can read this stuffy publication because it really helps me concentrate during those stubborn poos -- otherwise i'd ordinarily discard this mag like a piece of soiled TP.

anyway, i'm in the restroom -- keep in mind, tom, this is a co-ed joint. not co-ed as in ally mcbeal co-ed. no, i could only dream that my workcenter was so fantastically glamorous! co-ed as in several stalls are available for use, but there is a maneuverable sign on the very main entrance designating which "species" is currently engaged in, ahem, thought, the point of which is to ensure no two people of the opposite sex are in there at the same time (i'd like to beat the brainchild who thought this up!).

sooooooo.......back to the heart of the matter. somebody really rained on my poopy parade when they decided to commence their bidniz in the stall next to me, but only after i had been abdicated to the throne for several minutes prior to their arrival.....why couldn't "she" leave and find another place to drop trow?

gawd, that really threw me for a loop. my morning just wasn't the same after that! i'm sure you understand -- that's what makes this place so pimptastic.kind regards, jenip.s. - i'm really grateful to have you as a friend!