Sunday, August 28, 2005

just a little tomfoolery....

as a recent addition to myspace, i began scouting out the grounds looking for mischief and mayhem. here's what no-good i got up to:

hey there, new arrival here -- name is jeni.
listen, i'd really like to initiate intercourse with your friend in the photo posted on the 26 jul 05 entry. he's to the far left, wearing a green tee-shirt, average height/build, a real looker if you ask me, which you didn't....ah, but i digress. anyway, he looks like he might be a scorpio, which is very compatible with my zodiac sign, plus chris rock....ah, never mind you that.
tell him to shoot me an email: *****************
kind regards,

and p.s. to all of you, OF COURSE i sent this message to tom!