Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the week in review: things i learned about me.

today was a pretty non-descript day, thank God -- heaven knows the beginning of the week was crazy as all get up. anyway, here are some things i learned about myself, other than having elephant ears for labia, these past few days:

1. i hate the phrase "brain fart" - it reminds me of "queaf" -- it's worse than two boys in jello.

2. i cringe when people leave the restroom without washing their hands.

3. i get grossed out when people leave the restroom after a slap-dash rinse of the hands.

4. i find it utterly disgusting when numbers 2 and 3 pertain to hospital personnel.

5. i don't like it when people hold me accountable for their own reservations about behavior.

6. i really love the irish accent.

7. i love the scottish accent more.

8. i wish people would stop asking me if their hair looks crappy if they already know that it does.

9. i need to get a new seat for my bike. the current one really throws a hurting on my ass.

10. i have to pay an increased rate on my insurance because of my accident last year. boo!

soooooo, that's all folks. hope ya'all are alive and well. it's bed-e-by-time. g'night.