Wednesday, August 10, 2005

things that make you go hmmmmmmm......

yep, an early morning post from yours truly.

i woke up this morning to 6 brand spanking new email messges, 3 of which came from an old ahem, friend from korea. wow, talk about, i don't know, weird? i hadn't heard from the guy since korea; we used to hook up when i first got there, but that fizzled pretty quickly, and then we were just friendly from that point forth. and then we had a huge falling out.

anyway, work is work. yesterday was an exceedingly busy day. a printer broke down -- fucking figures. the one day of the week i decide to exercise some productivity, i get an obstacle thrown in my path. must be a sign for me to continue doing nothing.

also, i've been riding my back to and from work so i've been going to bed once i get in. i didn't realize biking would be so tiring, but it sure is. before too long, i hope to have one of those cute little dutch asses displayed on my back side. i'm convinced dutch women all have nice asses because they bike every where.

time to go -- i have to get a move on. ya'all take care and i'll try to do some posting here and there. check ya later.

p.s. - crys, that pass code didn't work.