Tuesday, August 09, 2005

witness protection program: i did a pussy

first, get your dirty little minds out of the gutter. the title is simply a reference to pussy's disappearance in the first season of the sopranos.

anyway, i did a little disappearing act -- i know, i'm sorry, yadda yadda yadda. i took short notice leave on friday and spent the weekend with my parents. also, the plot with naughty thickens...i stood him up this weekend not once, but twice. i didn't plan on standing him up; truth be told, he sent me an email saying how he wanted to hang out before he ships out in a few weeks. as self destructive as it is, i deliberated over it for about a week and emailed him back with plans to meet up on friday. sooooooo, it wasn't deliberate, but it sure felt good. the second time around i didn't stand him up per se -- it's just that we re-scheduled our original outing and i had to break plans.

at any rate, i called him as a courtesy since i'd already fucked with our plans once that weekend. i hadn't heard his voice in a month. fuck me good and fuck me hard, he has got the most annoying, grating, nasally voice this side of the rhein. he asked me what i'm doing two weekends from now, which is his last weekend here, and i told him i will have to check and see what plans i have already made...though i haven't got anything planned.

on top of that bull shit, i convinced my parents to let me take my baby sister back to my place before school starts back up again. it's nice spending some quality time with her.

well, time to jet off to work. ya'all take care!!