Monday, August 01, 2005

charmed, i'm sure.

lambruscoe is a cruel stablehand -- a sorry servant, indeed!

i just finished my caprese, funghi al forno, and lasagne with a wash or two of some good italian wine, but already i'm feeling the twinges of a hangover; the immaculate conception of hangovers i suppose. anyway, every weekend, preferably the last evening before work kicks back into high gear (usually a sunday, except i had today off), i try and have a special date with yours truly: me, for those of us on whom the subtlety is completely and irrevocably lost.

tonight was italian night, which was followed by a languid soak in steaming, oil laced bathwater. well, i've just put the freshest of fresh sheets on my bed and i'm weary from an evening of over-indulgences...besides, it's lights out pronto if i plan on making a home run tonight.


p.s. -- i have to make a dessert (i cook, but i don't normally bake) for an upcoming picnic. any ideas from the peanut gallery???