Sunday, July 31, 2005


sunday is the best reason in the universe to do nothing -- nothing at all. here's a list of my accomplishments from today; take extra care noting the oozing productivity:

1) i sliced unripened bananas (the best!) and fresh raspberries and threw them in a bowl with my cinnamon life. ummmmmmmmmm.

2) i read some from a novel ("the minister's daughter").

3) i took a nap. i had 2 nocturnal emmisions; but i suppose these episodes are contrary to nocturn behavior if they occurr mid-day?

4) i read some more of the same novel.

5) i made a sandwich, family t.v. style: i put tomatoes and lettuce on my swiss and roast beast on jewish rye.

6) i took ANOTHER nap (maybe it's all that sleep deprivation from the past two weeks?).

7) i filled the bath tub with suds and hot water and soaked for nearly two hours while i read my glamour and marie claire, august editions, from cover-to-cover.

8) i moisturized today with some body oil i purchased from my beautician. my skin feels great right now, plus the scent [of the oil] is mild thus relaxing.

9) i walked around the house naked (i had to let the oil soak into my skin -- too bad my rouladins were up).

10) i put on my favorite pajamas -- men's lightweight loungewear bottoms paired with a crisp, clean wife beater.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, bliss. tomorrow the real fun begins -- i have to do my weekend housekeeping (beats going to work, though). also, i need to give a shout-out to my boy Zeph -- what's up, dude? hope you like the blog.