Wednesday, June 22, 2005

after receiving some much needed advice from three very intelligent men, i've decided to breach the relationship subject with naughty -- don't worry, dr. fucko, i'm going to send the check in the mail.

surprisingly, the input i received from each guy was very similar considering how different the sources are. i'm also glad i asked in the first place because i always thought it more appropriate for the man to initiate the talk, but my confidants have said otherwise. as far as anything taking place, i may or may not see naughty this weekend since i have plans to attend a coednakeaef party and he has plans to meet up with a friend from back home, which may take place this weekend or the following weekend, but i'll keep ya'all posted.

i'm not going to lie, i'm nervous as fuck, but i also feel like i have the upper hand. basically, once we lay all our thoughts, expectations, and possibilities on the table i can decide if i like what he's serving or i can sing for my supper elsewhere. knowing that i can choose not to see him, so as not to get more attached, lends me peace of mind.

come hell or high water, i'll keep ya'all posted.